The Palm Tree: God’s Gift to Landscape Painters

Big Island artist Scott Cahill told me that once and it’s so very true, palm trees are a godsend to painters.  They move, they dance, they shimmer with light, a big quivering focal point ready to help define a summer sunset with tropical poetry.  This piece is yet unnamed, it’s 22×30″, watercolor on pretty awesome paper, Fabriano to be exact.  $495, and I’ll even throw in a title free with purchase.


  1. Lori Morton

    What do I need to do purchase? Beautiful. Love the sky and would love a Dawn Sagar original.
    Lori Morton

    • Dawn Sagar

      That’s awesome, Lori! I would love for you to own this piece. I can accept credit cards but a check has less fees, would that work for you? Let me find the best deal on shipping, I’d split that with you if that works for you.

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