Smaller Works

I often wish I could work in the same media and format all the time.  For one thing it would make framing and photographing that much easier, not to mention branding myself as an artist.  That being said, I enjoy the challenge of other media too much, and feel that it’s important to match the right media and scale to the image I’m painting.  As with so many other things in life (or, really, life itself,) it’s not the destination but the journey that makes us who we are.  Here are a few smaller works from the studio, both works on paper.

mixed media on paper, 5.5 x 8.5", $40

“Morning Hike,” mixed media on paper, 5.5 x 8.5″, $40

"High Altitude," watercolor on paper, 14x22" $100

“High Altitude,” watercolor on paper, 14×22″ $100

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